Sooner or later, fraudulent "science" will succumb to real science as people see more and more that our so called experts have huge conflicts of interest.

The new NIH director is basically "brought to you by Pfizer".

I don't think that's a smart choice these days, but hey, more open corruption just helps wake people up.

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I have learned that most people are taught false notions most of their time in education, and that it is extremely difficult to question false beliefs that are protected by the idea of normalcy, peer pressure and scientific consensus.

Exploiting intellectual laziness is a very useful for of population control, far more useful than censorship, which is only the icing on the cake.

Thus, a pandemic is an economic, political and military issue, with only shallow connections to the natural sciences.

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May 13, 2023Liked by Mike Stone

Excellent as always. I see the “gain of function” narrative as a compensation mechanism by those who could not see nor admit that there was never a “viral pandemic” nor a pathogenic virus as cause.

Your analyses go to the heart of the matter and in that sense are truly radical in that they expose the root of the entire deception.


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May 12, 2023Liked by Mike Stone

A correction Mike. I don't consider anything "free" coming from the government as truly free. We pay for all of these "free" goodies through taxation. By extortion. By theft.

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Indeed. Free at the point of use.

Or useless in the case of the NHS here in the UK as much of it is useless. Government is a protection racket.

"Give us your money or we will duff you up (a.k.a. put you in prison)". We gave them the money. They poisoned us with vaccines etc. (I didn't have the vaccines, but had immuno-therapy in 2020 instead which turns out has much the same ingredients).

I did stop after 9 sessions in Sept 2020 when I realised what was going on with cancer scam.

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I don't think the little Proton is going out on a limb (of a tree?), he probably doesn't weigh anything or much (?) so is in no danger of harm, but is on firm ground anyway, Drosten, Fan Wu, the genome and the spike protein were all written, decided on and chosen before people started pole axing in China. Many PCR 'test' kits and mRNA jabs had also already been made before 2019 too.

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Absolutely brilliant, Mike, my compliments and salutations. Unfortunately, I discern beyond a reasonable doubt that the monstrously criminal, "Stupid-19" hoax was just a test run. Many more are going to die or become incapacitated by the toxic covid "vaccines" in addition to those already fallen but not nearly enough to satisfy the bloodlust of these demons, some in human form, others not. The impending scamdemic will be the granddaddy of all time. Here in communist Zoo Jersey, the NJ Dept. of Health (what a fucking joke that is), is pushing for a change in the communist Zoo Jersey administrative code to mandate all school kids in the state from kindergarten to 12 grade be covid vaccinated before they are allowed in the schools to attend classes. (Denying them access to those brainwashing, public prisons would be doing those kids the biggest favors of their lives.) At any rate, it is obvious that "Stupid-19" will never go away regardless of their plans for the next one down the pike. It is amazing how many zombified assholes out there are still wearing masks. (I call them maskholes). "You'll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people".

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I called it Stupid 20 as I thought the stupidity really got going then in 2020, especially on April Fool's Day. The day has yet to end. My definition of Stupid 20:


Stupid 20 has variants.


I call the brainless mask wearers Masks-ists, but maskholes is good.


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These featherless bipeds are beyond stupid. Brain-dead, cowardly, pathetic, boot licking zombies. They are fated for the black void. Thanks for the links.

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