Mike are you aware that Li-Li Ren's team (a/k/a Little Dog team) used Hopkins clade exclusion software called KRAKEN II? This was used to cook up 402123.

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No I did not. That's great! 🤣

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Now, I work with a researcher who knows this better than I do -- but "clade exclusion" really gives you a genus, not a species (in the imaginary tea leaf reading game of viruses; it is actually possible to read tea leaves, so viruses are worse). And my educated guess is that 402123 is designed to pick up a very broad set of whatevers they may be, rather than narrow or specific. The corporate chart of entities that put it together reminds me of one of those Enron organizational diagrams. This was not a kid finding a cool frog.

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Jan 15, 2023Liked by Mike Stone

9 likes? You should have 9 million, 90 million. 900 million. Anything but 33 million. Thanks Mike, great work as always.

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Thanks Lynn! 😁

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Thanks for all that.

The fakery about variants is a depressing view for me. How slow can we get? At least the amount of jokes grows all the time.

An unexcpected tangential conversation about Jonathan Couey emerged from the excellent letter of EFC to Doctor Denis Rancourt.

Couey is a special guy. He lost his teaching position because he did not want the killshot, and he says "I'm a recovering academician" which I understand to mean that he is painfully walking his way out of the sorcery of the academic world. He is resisting with all his might the idea that the entire pseudoscience of virology is, well, pseudoscience. Is amazing to watch his transformation.

He doesn't like the idea of water having memory or what Tom Cowan said the other day, that we are bioelectrical beings based on water and vibrations, not biochemical beings based on molecules. Also he finds Veda Austin underwhelming. But he knows personal preferences are not valid objections to the refutation of germ theory.

I may be getting fooled again, but I can feel a lot of sincerity from this man. He was very emotional in two livestreams commenting the documentaries Vaxxed and Vaxxed II both masterpieces of emotionalism.) He says he never expected to become a full-fledged anti-vaxer by 2023. He is very angry because he and his Norwegian wife (or maybe she's Dutch? I'm not clear on that) believed blindly the doctors and all their sons are vaccinated, and he seems to think both of them should have known better because they are scientists.

He tries to soothe himself with the probably factual argument that the vaccine schedule in the European countries that they followed (they were living in Europe until 2016) is not as crazy as in the US. That might explain some things in the future.

I think there is a remote chance that Couey comes round on virology and the idea of contagious disease in general. He did manage to reason his way out of the lab leak scam.

I would not recommend a debate between Cowan or Massey and Couey, for that may break the internets for months. Mark and Sam would be the perfect match for a debate/conversation with Couey. Mike Donio would be good too. They seem to speak the same language.

Couey was on Kennedy's show with Tess Lawry, Jessica Rose, Meryl Nass and The World Famous Lusitano Horse Breeder Robert Malone, whom everyone loves or else they get sued. It was a rather curious conversation where a tacit agreement was made to not mention the obvious: https://rumble.com/v1qo8or-chd-defender-show-ep-69-disappearing-flu-data-robert-malone-meryl-nass-coue.html


It seems to me that everyone at some point "believed" standard knowledge about modern medicine, including the dire necessity of vaccines, a belief without evidence. Mere "confidence" in the professionalism of other people. Some people began to see odd things, and then to ask questions. They became aware of as much truth as they could bear, each one at a different velocity, and starting from different places. They reach the meeting place: we were fooled. Lot's of people have been camping on that meeting place for many decades. The camping is becoming overpopulated at the moment: we need more BBQs and beer.

I guess the young "scientists" also will start their own walkabout in the path of never-ending questioning. They will eventually get there. What was Sheldrake saying about morphic resonance? The same problem becomes easier to solve as more people understand it. It's a remarkable phenomenon.

In a way, it's a shame it took to so long and for things to get so bad at so many levels for certain individuals to dare to walk that path. But it's good nonetheless. Things are getting better, in a few ways.

Have a great week, Mike!

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I'm not certain about Couey. I've heard about some of his interactions with people that I really respect which paint him in a different light. However, I honestly haven't followed him enough to make an opinion one way or the other. It is definitely a difficult path to walk away from the beliefs we've been indoctrinated into, especially when it is heavily connected to one's career and status. Hopefully Couey will come around. However, from what I heard, it doesn't seem very likely.

Thanks for the comment! I hope you have a great week as well! 🙂

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