Question for all graphene believers: is there graphene in waste water and can you hurl that finding at an injectable?

If there are electronic devices circulating through the blood, they could end up in the urine or in the feces or in the sweat. The blood is constantly picking up garbage and filtering it out in several ways. Is there a method to introduce a synthetic thing in the blood and make it latch somewhere and not leave that place no matter what the blood cells do to that foreign object?

If I take a graphite pencil and a pencil sharpener and I approximate carefully the toilet, how many thousands of future "scientific" experiments with waste water can I sabotage?

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The one thing that latches on and sticks around are the LNPs that aggregate in the liver, spleen, etc. But it's not helpful to those who planned to fill us with this mythological nano tech. Why? Because it ends up causing huge issues.

Same with implants, the body rejects it.

I think a lot of these people who are obsessed with graphene really bought into the bullshit sci Fi sold to us about future tech. They're no way close to these things, that's why Elon musk is still trying to start neuralink even after failures with animal testing... Same with AI, they keep pumping it up, but they're far far from whatever they try to scare us with.

Pseudo science vaporware

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The graphene discovery paper said graphene was, "hypothetical".


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Nice points here! The current state of medicine is definitely pseudo-science. It's like it's own religion these days with it's huge assumptions based on past mythology.

The long COVID will never be solved if they ignore the elephant in the room... Elephants actually...

-The jab long term side effects

-The poisonous hospital treatments for covid

-The perpetual fear among those who thought they went through a possibly deadly infection...

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But Mike this paper reported C-19 was isolated from dog pee in a puddle:


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Are any of these virologists certain about anything other than they are certain they are uncertain about everything? It describes the entire medical complex...we don't have half a clue about anything we do, but trust us anyway.

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