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A few other things I might highlight in bold in that ridiculous interview this “Dr.” Perego (who looks like she resides on the streets of SF) gives with the "World Socialist" website (itself a major clue as to the deceptive types we’re dealing with here). Like all the other con-artists who are front and center in this scam, she plays the Hegelian dialectic by assuming “facts” that are unconfirmed (always begging the question about the assumed "problem") and, as her primary MO, uses emotional fear-based language to get you to "react," while then moving on to what "we" (the collective) must do to deal with the situation (offering "solutions"). Her regular very loose use of emotional and hyperbolic language is illustrative as anything of the (real) "fact" that the whole thing is propaganda warfare and a scam.

Examples from the interview:

-- she says she studies “climate change” (always assumed to an actual phenomenon)

-- references “our pandemic time” (we're in an era of “pandemics”)

-- uses dramatic, run-for-the-hills-type language over and over again: “Lombardy was hit very hard…Soon, it became chaotic, tragic”; “Our health care system couldn’t cope…health care in my area was under duress” (the region got "hit" "very hard” and it soon became “chaotic,” “tragic," where “the virus” was so out of control, our systems couldn't cope; there was nothing we could do!)

-- more of the same fear-inducing language when she says we must “raise the alarm about the severity of the situation”; “Lombardy has been hit by COVID wave after wave,” and “more death and illness have come, too” ("alarm," "severity," "hit," "wave after wave," "death" and "illness")

-- states that “symptoms are too numerous to list” (the “virus” is so deadly, it produces innumerable unnamed symptoms!)

-- says that “COVID tests remained positive for weeks” (don’t know what to make of this, as this is illogical. How does a test “remain” positive? A test has no “duration”; a test indicates something momentarily. What is she talking about?)

-- on the personal front, says that she is “too ill to have a normal job for now…I never recovered” (she herself got hit and the thing is so deadly, she lost her “normal” life and “never recovered" and thus, by implication, SO COULD YOU)

-- references the collective "we" and the horror the situation ("problem") poses. Accordingly, "we" require that a "treatment" ("solution") be implemented and deployed: “the costs of delays are horrendous for individuals and society alike” and “we really need to translate knowledge into treatment”

Over and over in that interview, she uses classic propagandizing, fear-inducing language to excite you to a reaction. Something MUST be immediately done to try to treat "it" (the thing assumed to exist and wreaking death and destruction across the land). And we cannot delay in dealing with it, as the results WILL be (“are”) “horrendous.” We must proceed to the treatment stage (the “solution”).


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Excellent analysis and I completely agree. 😁

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FYI, I had an association with WSWS and was tossed overboard after expressing reservations about their stance on lockdowns, mandates, etc.

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When Jimmy dore interviewed a boogaloo boy (who is a left libertarian), he got stupid crap from the next guest, the WSwS spokesperson.

Jimmy told him that it's pretty ridiculous that the socialists are trying to exclude independent leftists while promoting corporate leftists.

During the lockdowns, the DSA called me about helping with mutual aid.

I got irate, saying that because schools are closed, many of us don't have the time or money to help. I asked their stance on whether they were going to question lockdowns, and they pretended like lockdowns were the best thing since sliced bread.

I told the rep that I am leaving the group as they forgot the working class struggle by catering to the laptop lockdown class. (Max Blumenthal of the grayzone came up with that funny term: laptop class , lol white collar privelaged workers who forget that not everyone can work from home! )

Wsws is just like the DSA, fake left groups that pretend to be socialist, but are actually just fake opposition to the establishment. They couldn't give a shit about the working class!

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I recommend cutting ties with all socialist organizations. They do NOT represent the interests of the working class. Quite the opposite. They’re just the usual cover for the elites. (This is the age of deception after all.) It’s really just another ruse to obtain your trust and allegiance (to a great "cause") and, as you show in your personal experience with the DSA, your money.

As a side note, to trust any political system whose explicit purpose is to hand control of every facet of life over to government entities — including all funding, which of course can only come from the working class — is in the end really quite mad. These organizations of course will say they have the best of intentions -- i.e., that the working class (“the people”) benefit. I think we can say definitively that’s a lie, that in fact only the evil elites benefit.

Gary Allen on the “creeping” (Fabian) nature of socialism in America: “We are given the choice between Communism (international socialism) on one end of the spectrum, Nazism (national socialism) on the other end, or Fabian socialism in the middle. The whole spectrum is socialist! This is absurd. Where would you put an anarchist on this spectrum? Where do you put a person who believes in a Constitutional Republic and the free enterprise system? He is not represented here, yet this spectrum is used for political definitions by a probable ninety percent of the people of the nation” (Chapter 2, “Socialism — Royal Road to Power for the Super-rich,” in Allen’s “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”)

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I find the stories of those with multiple issues before cv19 blaming their issues on COVID as disingenuous.

Perhaps they were convinced that their condition got worse due to the disease, but honestly, how do we know they weren't damaged by remdesevir or the other drugs like tamiflu?

Also, why would having oxygen below 85% justify a ventilator? That's asking for trouble and before COVID was never the process. Ventilators are for those that cannot breathe in the first place... Not to help people breathe. Supplying oxygen is the norm but it seems that COVID made a lot of the medical system turn into an Idiocracy.

Whatever, this whole thing just helps people realize that medicine is far from scientific. It's very much politically and economically motivated.

The more people realize this, the better.

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History is very important here. Back in the day when the Scamdemic Template was first being trialled by Fauci & co, an argument broke out in the AIDS treatment community. "Why are the symptoms of AIDS identical to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?" some quizzed Fauci in that rebellious Amsterdam conference of 1992. "Why are so many heterosexual women testing negative to HIV, but they have AIDS-like CFS?"

Some months later, Fauci's goons organised a press conference. "We found a new disease! Idiopathic CD4 lymphocytopenia. Its non-HIV AIDS. But it can be treated the same way. Now buy our drugs!"

(See chapter 5 of RFK's "The Real Anthony Fauci" for details of this scam)

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The "emergency" has been declared to be over, but the fear goes on and on. Thanks, Mike!

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Of course Jeffrey! 😁

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Pre-conditions of course, and medical history of drugs, "vaccination" plus treatments PLUS a tendency towards hypochondria are the ultimate contributors. I'd even say that hypochondria is the major contributor. Whatever hypochondria as a clinical picture really is. It has driven the panicked, hysterical to the point where they are now. From hospitals into long convid and following treatments. Life long customers with a golden member card.

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Very well said. 👏

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You are a total piece of shit

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there's a youtuber i used to watch who became very ill during the time they were pushing covid vaccines hard and i am pretty convinced she is ill with the side effects. she has spoken about her experiences on her instagram, and it has gone from her having "long covid" to "chronic lyme disease", her "diagnosis" coming from an "alternative" health practitioner. chronic lyme disease and the threat posed by ticks is being heavily pushed recently, and the long lyme disease talk having gone from being dismissed as crazy talk (well some still is, but i guess it's like the wuhan lab story) to something to "reassess" because all these celebrities have developed it in the past twenty years. it is being set up to be an explanation for some people's "unexplained" illnesses. I read the lab 257 book several years ago and was quite taken with it, but i did not seriously question germ theory at the time. now i will have to reread this book and reassess my total gullibility.

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