This week, a friend cancelled a birthday party.

He said he tested positive for con-vid.

I asked if he had any symptoms. He said mild cough. Ok, it's winter, many are coughing because indoor air is dry in many places...

But because of this testing propaganda, he did a rapid test and now is convinced that he has the mild con-vid.

Umm ok, but before con-vid, how many people would test for the flu or rsv? Only the very sick in hospital or those who have severe pre existing conditions.

But hey it's the new normal, where people test for things because how cool it is that we can find out what's wrong with us!

The marketing campaign is successful, as long as the tests are cheap or free.

Wait until people have to pay for them...

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Bingo. People are becoming a slave to the test over common sense.

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"Conclusion: [...] COVID-19 cannot be distinguished from COVID-19 negative respiratory infections by clinical signs, symptoms, or laboratory results."

HOLY CRAP MIKE! This is DEVASTATING! How did you find this paper?

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Sometimes I get lucky when stumbling around search engines for information. It is pretty devastating info. though, isn't it? 😉

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Nov 30, 2022Liked by Mike Stone

The contagion or communication of fear operates a break or breakdown of natural communication to pre-emptively defend a position under attack against a postulated threat.

The mental aspect is not more than a story of asserted differentiations assigned as causal relationships to a potential outcome of impending pain of loss, that itself becomes causal in the mind that then takes the story in by acting from its premise to avoid or mitigate expected attack.

The emotional aspect is of a looping intensification of attention given to the modelling of strategies set from the perspective of the negative outcome as a reality, along with the story that models it.

Thus the self-conditioning investment of identity by which to become a stakeholder and subscriber to such an interpretation as an accepted imposing reality against which to think and act to limit loss, and attack or overcome the threat, to survive in the terms and conditions set by the modelling of the story.

True relationships partake of one. That is, one extends to another as a relationship in which order arises as the nature of the one through the many.

Our minds have learned & developed the ability to dissociate reality in exactly the pattern of thinking described above. A preferred & persisted imagination of a negative or lack, threat and attack basis, from which to seek and find validation and reinforcement for the justifictions set to gain a covert dysfunction, over natural relational order of wholeness as unified symbiosis or synchronicity in the purpose of one through the many.

To the self-conditioned reflex, the realm of attack or threat based reality, is without rest of abiding connection, relational integrity, direction or functional support, and so what is innate to one, has to be substituted for by the use of the mind as a command and control function, to make safe within an impossible situation that has only happened in the polarising identification of a mindset in dissociative denial of integral wholeness for the focus in a specific but shifting modelling of arbitrary judgemental selections, that operate as temporary basis for experience of a personal mask of self set by fear to seek substitution for life in collectivised or socially reinforcing narrative distributions of fear, pain & loss in sacrifice to a masking control as the saviour from total loss of face, of self control, to a life feared for what we project onto and attack. Thus our expectation is in like kind, of being projected into, and killed from a reality outside and alien to a tiny fragment of love that is defended and protected against total loss within its complex of masking defences against real and natural relationship and communication by guilt driven fears of retaliation and guilting manipulations of defence.

However, the nature of true relational being is not broken in truth but in concept, as a mis-taken identity in private creation, that can be represented by "I Want It Thus!". Which usurps relational recognition by the pre-emptive set of terms and conditions for reality in which it will permit relationships to conform.

The development of personal and social checks and balances on overriding dictates, becomes the masking arena through which it operates by stealth and guile as a systemic expression of defence against the life it depends on to subvert & deny, as its claim to your existence in its terms.

A segregative movement within life is part of its whole expression. But without life runs blind, loveless and self-limiting, to the point of incapacity to serve or support life.

That we live in life is not a body of imaged thoughts and beliefs running as subconscious conditioned reaction, but that there is no other to life, we have not become other, or set power in other - but by our persistence of invested identification in such a use of freedom to think as an oppositional substitution for Integral Creative, for wholeness is not an in-silico Humpty Dumpty stitched together by all the king’s horses and all the king’s men. Even if that is the driven need of a mindset in limit and loss, seeking wholeness in a 'world' set outside and other by an image that can never by fulfilled or vindicated, but that the dream shifts to nightmare.

It shall run its course, but at any moment of true relational appreciation, it is undone to natural order in which we learn to choose to accept what we are because we want it instead of wanting what we are not and learning to choose for it to gain a normalised or internalised inversion of cause and effect.

“Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality". Michael Ellner

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Sorry, this is weird. Previously, I was not allowed to comment and now I am, through the cross-publishing link from Aplocalyptic yoga:


I would like to emphasize that I AGREE with Mike on just about every detail.

Here is my previous comment, for which I apologize, but it's only fair that I am taking responsibility for it even if it was not necessarily my mistake to misunderstand the circumstances:

Thank you for making Mike's article available with comments. He apparently wants comments from paying customers, who are unlikely to disagree with him. Is he affiliated with ViroLIEogy at all, or only using the name?

While it never hurts to re-publish what literate people on this site have known for quite a while far too well, Mike Stone is not publishing anything new... Has he joined the flock of "too little, too late"?


Also, he seems to be navigating between sounding technical enough to sound credible and collecting paying subscribers... Not good... He could obviously learn a few things even from my articles...

At this point, his newsletter is little more than a diversion. The real imminent threats have now evolved (well, you are unlikely to find the following anywhere else, but that's quite common in my articles):


PS.: When I encountered the paywall, I immediately unsubscribed, because my articles are often more useful for my fellow authors than their articles to me, so I figure that I don't have a paywall, I shouldn't encounter one, either...

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Dec 2, 2022·edited Dec 2, 2022Author

"He apparently wants comments from paying customers, who are unlikely to disagree with him. Is he affiliated with ViroLIEogy at all, or only using the name?"

I do not want only comments from paying subs who agree with me. The pay wall is only for a week so that anyone who pays for a subscription gets access a week early. Otherwise, everything is free (besides my "Uncovering the Corona Fraud" posts which are collecting old FB posts with new commentary for paid subs as an added bonus) and comments are allowed for everyone afterwards. However, sometimes I've noticed that Substack messes up and keeps the comments locked. I've tried to catch that whenever I can.

And viroliegy.com is my site. This Substack was meant to compliment it and allow those who were donating through my site to get something extra in return for doing so. People who prefer a free subscription still get the same articles (minus the series already discussed) just a week later.

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